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This is FULL MOON in Aries invites us to take RE-BALANCING not only seriously, but to take it to the NEXT LEVEL in our lives. The archetype of Aries -passionate & fiery by nature- shows up with POWER and SELF-CONFIDENCE. Forward momentum guaranteed.


Re-Balancing the opposites means working with TENSIONS to find HARMONY & BALANCE. When the OPPOSITE of what we hope for shows up in our lives, it brings AWARENESS. 


Awareness of our own imbalances creates the opportunity to return to our natural state of SOVEREIGNTY. The SUN in the sign of balance -Libra- supports this re-calibration process.

„SOVEREIGNTY is about knowing & embodying who we truly are and what we stand for.“

Discover what this means by tapping into STATES OF EXTRA-ORDINARY CONSCIOUSNESS in our





Let’s connect in sacred guided meditation & journey together on ZOOM


THURSDAY 28. September 2023    @ 18.30 CET (Deutsch) 20.30 CET (English)    


It is often through CHALLENGES that we begin to access the faculties of our higher mind.

Connect with your INNER WISDOM during guided meditation.

Much Love,                                                                                                   



Journey to find the solution - within. In a safe & sacred small group space.

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What to pre-pare  undisturbed space, a candle or fire place (both optional for afterwards). Reflect on the theme relating to all areas of your life.

Email to sign-up (.co for together!). If you cannot make it live - please email for recording.

Prices 18.30 CET - DEUTSCH (25€, unlimited # participants) 20.30 CET - English (50€, 8 participants) 

*AFRICA & LAT AM clients -% discount applies

Your ZOOM Link  will be emailed to you, latest one hour before the meditation.

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

(English)                         (German)

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